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 Healing Solutions for
Pet Loss 

Kenda Summers

Certified Professional Hypnotist
Expert Pet Loss Grief Coach

Discover love and light again...

A private FB group “Healing Solutions for Pet Loss” has been created to help you understand the new unwanted road that you have been placed on. 

We welcome individuals no matter where they are on that road – whether your loss is very fresh, or you have been grieving for some time. In this non-judgmental environment, we provide a safe space for you to learn more about the day that everything changed. You will be able to share your feelings and experiences with people who care in our Secret FB group. Together we can help you navigate this new road so that you can find love and light again.

Grief Sheets are a resource created to help you understand grief. They are FREE. Receive them below:

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You are not alone. There is a compassionate community for you to share with and learn from.

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