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A private FB group “Healing Solutions for Pet Loss” has been set up to help you understand the new unwanted road that you have been placed on. We welcome individuals no matter where they are on that road – whether your loss is very fresh, or you have been grieving for some time. In this non-judgmental environment, we provide a safe space for you to learn more about the day that everything changed. You will be able to share your feelings and experiences with people who care in our Secret FB group. Together we can help you navigate this new road you are on so that you can find love and light again…

Grief School – Another Session Starting April 1, 2021

When you lose something you love.

The world keeps spinning, but you just want to stop everything, slow it all down, and make the pain of your broken heart go away. No one teaches us how to grieve. Work still has to be done, deadlines still have to be met, and the universe does not care one bit about how you feel. Can you relate?

Dealing with life without your adored pet.

How do you cope when you lose a pet? You see, it's not just a pet--this is a beloved member of your family, that brings you happiness, companionship, structure, and love. The pain is overwhelming, people do not understand the depth of loss that you are experiencing. Can you relate?

Grief--it's not easy to define.

The topic of grief covers so many kinds of losses, and it seems there is not one single definition that fits the endless range of emotions you feel. Grief is a normal and natural reaction to loss or change of any kind. It is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of, or change to, a familiar pattern of behavior.

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Our Pet Memorial section is a place for you to pay tribute, write a letter or say those final words to the one that gave you so much love.