2020 in Review

How can any of us who have been bereaved of our devoted companion, friend and family member really describe 2020 in anything other than one of pain and sorrow? A year ago, life was different and you didn’t contemplate for a moment this blog would appertain to you.

The recent festive period may well have engulfed you with waves of grief laden emotion as you struggled through a time supposedly of joy and happiness. The fact you are reading this means you are more than likely a member of the ‘Healing Solutions for Pet Loss’ social media page, whereby you will have seen me say many times to be good to yourself and to have an exit strategy for you to be alone with your thoughts, away from the usual distractions.

The pandemic has kept many of us apart from our loved ones, but, none the less, society somehow, through one source or another seems intent in presuming everyone will enjoy the festivities. Please don’t feel guilty or be hard on yourself when this not being the case, you are grieving and grief is not a polite visitor! It turns up unwanted, uninvited and on a metaphorical roller coaster.

As we approach a new year, remember the happiness your pet brought into your life, smile at their antics, the days out or holidays you enjoyed together. Reflect upon the joy the brought into your life and the lessons they taught. Each of our pets does this. They are little teachers wrapped in fur or feather.

A suggestion as we leave the Christmas season behind; could be to create a visual tribute. For example a Memory Book. Fill it full of photos, stories, whatever feels right, but something in their honour which will give you a focus and be a beautiful tribute to your pet. The sadness will in time make way for the joy, the tears for the smiles. Another suggestion might be to plant a rose-bush; many of these have wonderfully symbolic names. Perhaps you have other ideas of something unique to create.

At all times, remember to be kind to yourself. You were the best Pet Parent you could have been, and you were loved so much for this. That’s something to be proud of.

In loving memory of all the pets that have left our lives this year, you will forever be remembered and live on eternally in our hearts ….. Thank you for being you!