Where are you in your grief journey?

Is the grief fresh, is your grief a few months old? Is your grief several years behind you but still pains you from time to time?

Grief is a journey, and even though at times it may seem like there is no way out of it, there is a way through it. But it truly takes time to learn how to be in the now.

We feel so fragile at this point. We find ourselves spending minutes, hours, days, weeks and maybe even months over-analyzing what happened. Trying to understand all the what-ifs, or the if only’s–trying to put the pieces of that puzzle back together again.

Every day we wake up on this earth it gives us a chance to learn and grow, and realize that there are some questions that we simply will never receive the answers to.

So what would happen if, for today, you just leave the pieces of that puzzle on the floor and move on?