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I meet with people one-on-one to talk, to support, and to teach. Reach out if you need to speak with someone who understands your pain and can provide you with answers to the tough questions change brings. I am available for you.

About Kenda Summers

Americas Leading Pet Loss Coach

I received an epiphany Aug 24, 2019, when I attended a wake of a young woman who had lost her dog and her husband at the same time in an accident. I recall leaving the wake feeling so sad and wanting to do more for the people reeling in devastation from grief.

So I decided at that moment that I needed to pursue this new direction by using my passion for helping people, my love of animals and my personal experience with grief.  I realized that I could help people move forward slowly through the darkness of devastation into an area where they feel Ok, and recognize that it is Ok to not be Ok, by giving them resources they can use to help them feel stronger.

Since there is not a lot of support for individuals who have lost a pet, I am hoping to be that support. I have been where you are now, and will be there again, because our pets, unfortunately, can’t live forever.

Please join me in this wonderful caring community that has been created, by people who have been where you are now.

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