May 3, 2011 – November 26, 2020

My sweet Sonny boy, my heart dog, my best friend, my exercise buddy , my coworker and just the best boy you’ll ever meet. I’m so thankful to have had shared adventures, walks and so much love with him. My sweet boy battled cancer 3 times. This last time it was an inoperable giant tumor that was 1/2 the size of his liver. We tried radiation but it just made my sweet boy sick. Three months later he was jaundice and had a stroke that would ultimately take his life . I miss him so very much. So much of my daily routine is focused around Sonny that I just don’t know what to do with myself. I miss you so very much my sweet boy. I’ll never stop missing you. I’ll never stop loving you. Thank you for all of the years of friendship. Rest easy my sweet Sonchip. Mommy loves you. We’ll pick up those walks on the other side ~ Joanna xxx