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Goodbye is Not Forever. The book that serves as a road map to finding solutions that will  help you to heal and understand your grief better. 

The Companion Guide by Author and Pet Loss Grief Specialist, Kenda Summers

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When Kenda Summers lost her heart dog, there was no one to turn to that truly understood her sadness and grief. In Healing Solutions for pet loss grief book,  Kenda Summers created a road map for those of you who are heartbroken, lost, angry, guilty and full of confusion over the loss of your beloved pet, by sharing her story and the story of others just like you. 

This book is filled with healing information and provides a deep understanding of what you are going through. As a society, we are grief illiterate, and we often find ourselves stuck with no one around to help us deal with all the emotions we are going through. We hear phrases like “Oh are you still upset about Maggie”? or “You know you can always get another pet.” To truly heal you need to first understand what you are going through.  Kenda Summers was able to heal her broken heart and you can too.

This book will become your road map to having a better understanding of grief and the emotional roller coaster it has you on. You will hear Kenda Summer’s share her story. You will also hear from other bereaved pet loss owners about how they are coping since losing the love of their lives.  Throughout the book you are offered guidance and comforting advice. You are not alone on this journey. There are many others just like you out there, this book will guide you to finding your Love and Light again. Above all remember “Love is Love and Grief is Grief” and your lose matters.

Here's What You'll Learn 

Grief is something people only learn from experience. This book will help make the experience better. We cannot escape pin in this life, but we can avoid artificailly inflating it.

How to deal with other people who discount your pain and loss.

How to deal with the emotions and feelings associated with the loss of your pet.

Have your grief validated by people who are and have been where you are now.

What People are saying about the book:

Do we ever let grief go? Can we ever be okay again? Kenda is an excellent emphatic individual who will lead you to fully understanding your loss while at the same time finding love and light again. After all pain from loss is inevitable - but suffering is optional.

Her chapters on guilt especially will benefit the reader as we all think we could have done something, but what? This book is serious but Kenda even adds lightness to her book as she speaks about not feeling guilty if you skip this chapter. Her step-by-step awareness on how to move on helped me with a loss of long ago that was still resonating in my soul. 

I realized her excellent instructions and many stories from others’ loss helped me realize I was not alone. It was comforting to hear how she dealt with a major loss in her own life when she lost her heart dog in a violent way. They say you do not know until you walk in another’s shoes. Kenda Summers has worn many shoes. 

She knows about loss and she knows the skills one needs to move on. Move on with her to a greater memory of your special pet, the one who used to be in your life. After reading Kenda Summers book I let go of a sadness I have had for over 15 years of losing my special dog, Margie. When you read Kenda’s story of losing Stella you will understand her gift of writing a book is much needed to help you move on. I was not even aware of how much grief I was still holding to when it came to my loss. I recommend Kenda Summers’ book with a passion. It is easy to read, informative, and life-giving.  

** Larry Garrett - Garrett Hypnosis and Wellness Center**


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Real life stories to help you navigate uncharted territory as you deal with loss, pain, and suffering.
Overcome this difficult time. Not by forgetting, but by remembering with more love then pain. This book will help understand your grief and show you how to love again.

NOW Only $17.97!

WAS $23.95

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